There’s small and then there’s … this

 I suppose to out the words “pygmy” and “elephant” together (see my last post) is a bit ridiculous. But the Bornean elephant is small, hence the name. Smaller than its cousin found in Peninsular Malaysia, the Asian Elephant.

But here are some photos of something that really does deserve to be called “pygmy” : the Plain Pygmy Squirrel. Photographed on the canopy walkway of Danum Valley Rainforest Lodge, this little fella is fully 4″ (10cm) long from nose to tail tip. Which makes its body barely 2″. And boy, is he fast…

Find the Squirrel…


There’s small and then there’s … this — 8 Comments

  1. Actually, a chipmunk is about twice the size of this little fella.

    I had a funny experience with chipmunks – At the time I saw my first one in a park in Boston, I only knew them from cartoons. I was astonished because somehow I'd always assumed they were decent sized squirrels! (Maybe because Chip n Dale got up to a huge amount of mischief…)

  2. I also had a funny experience with Chipmunks on our very first vacation in Canada. I was wearing flipflops and in a trailer park – not sure if we were feeding them or other people were, but I know one of them figured my toe was edible and bit me – not serious, but did I squeak.

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