Where we were today: Mount Wellington, Hobart

While we were up there the Australian Airforce “Roulettes” – four daredevils in single engine planes were flying a spectacular display over Hobart to remember the Battle of Britain.
A natural rock garden…
Yep, that’s snow
Bitterly cold, wind incredible, cutting like a knife
Surely, Mt Wellington offers some of the world’s best vistas – all of Southern Tasmania, in all directions…


Where we were today: Mount Wellington, Hobart — 3 Comments

  1. Oh, hello at the other end of the island!! We could see the mountain from where I loved there as a child. Isn't it a great place?? Mind you, I do like where I live now: we have a Gorge!!! Hope you are having a wonderful time!!

  2. What beautiful views, thanks for sharing Glenda. I don't think of Tasmania looking like anything in particular, its just "the island off Australia". My apologies to Tasmanians. Unfortunately I only really know it through geography lessons. I'm not surprised its cold up there.

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