Cradle Mtn. Froze. And there were animals…

This sums up today’s weather: variable.   Dove Lake, Cradle Mtn
Mother and child
Wombats. A first for me – we don’t have wombats in W.A.
And a rufous-bellied pademelon.     
And what have I discovered today? Tasmania can be raaaather chilly when the weather is arriving from Antarctica…


Cradle Mtn. Froze. And there were animals… — 4 Comments

  1. Cradle Mountain can be ferociously snowy and have terrible storms in the middle of Summer. Visitors underestimate its capacity for extreme weather.
    Did you go 'spotlighting' with a big torch and a ranger?? It is a wonderful place. I expect as you are over that way you are off on the ferry??

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