At the con…Orbit Pre-Hugo Party

Ian Irvine, Kate Forsyth and myself
Satima Flavell and Lucy Sussex
Kylie Seluka and Russell Kirkpatrick
Ian and Kate
Kate and Bernadette Foley

Correction: (re the pretty face on the left) It belongs to Patti Jansen, with Helen Venn looking ultra serious beside her, until…
Patti and Helen – not so serious, probably having discovered my inability to get names right…

Karen Miller, Ian Irvine and Kate


At the con…Orbit Pre-Hugo Party — 4 Comments

  1. Nice pictures, Glenda. I haven't put up mine yet (battery on my computer ran out and I've been too busy yesterday, still meeting people from the con).
    I am wondering quietly, though, who this Patti Hanson is. She kinda looks like me 😉

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