My programme for Worldcon/Aussicon4,
Melbourne Sept 2010

And if you aren’t going to be there, I’m sorry. Really I am.

And for those who are coming:
Remember that this timetable could change,
so you are advised to check your programmes
closer to the date.



  •     1-2pm launch (no, not mine)

It begins for me when I wander along to Borders Bookshop, for the launch of “Baggage” edited by Gillian Pollack, published by Eneit Press. Borders South Wharf  20 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf. This, I assume, is open to the general public. Everything else below, only open to members of the con.

  •        5-6pm panel: 
Destroying the future to save the planet: the environmental politics of SF/F.

 SF/F has long dealt with environmental concerns, imagining the future impacts of overpopulation, climate change, peak oil, and water shortages. Contemporary writers talk about the importance of ecological themes in their work.

 Tom Moylan, Kim Stanley Robinson, John Clute, Glenda Larke, Jonathan Cowie


  •     9-10am: 

Pure socialising. FB get-together: place as yet unknown.

  •     1-1.30pm reading:

I’m giving a reading. Come along. I shall read from Stormlord’s Exile and possibly also the beginning of the next book, set in the Havenstar universe… Last time I gave a reading at a worldcon it was to an audience of two, one of whom was Kate Elliott (bless her), so I am keeping my fingers crossed there’ll be at least 3 this time.

  •     4-5pm panel:

Thinking in trilogies

The trilogy seems synonymous with the fantasy story. Why is fantasy so closely tied in with the idea of the three-book story? Is it simply a marketing requirement, or are their structural advantages to the form that are not provided by the single novel. A look at the arguments for and against the trilogy, and whether it’s a tradition that’s here for good or due to be retired.

Glenda Larke, Trudi Canavan, Fiona McIntosh, Russell Kirkpatrick, Kim Falconer

  •    5-6pm panel:

Fantastic females: reworking feminism in women’s fantasy

Is fantasy the new vanguard of feminist politics in specfic? Fantasy authors discuss the role  of gender issues in their work

Delia Sherman (mod), Catherynne M Valente, Gail Carriger,  Alaya Johnson, Glenda Larke, Tansy Rayner Roberts


  •       11am signing books:

You know, the books of mine you’ll be bringing along or buying in the dealers room??*  

*says she hopefully.
  •     12-1pm Kaffeeklatsch*:

 Come and talk to me. Your chance to tell me exactly what you think of my books and ask me “Why the &@# did you do that???“… Over coffee. You’ll probably remember more than I do about my books though… It’s a roundtable discussion with a handful of readers and me  – remember to book your place. You can try through Andrew  but I don’t know if they are accepting pre-bookings yet.
*Lit coffee-gossip. And it doesn’t have an ‘e’ on the end in the singular

  •     3-4pm panel:
Crowns and swords: The intertwined worlds of fantasy and monarchy

With so many fantasy novels based in a setting drawn from medieval Europe, it’s no surprise to see so many stories based around monarchies – kings and queens, princes and princesses, tyrannical emperors and long-lost heirs to the throne. How much of fantasy’s appeal is grounded in a monarchic setting, and how can this long-standing tradition of genre be updated or refreshed – or abandoned entirely?

Glenda Larke, Fiona McIntosh, Duncan Lay, Kate Forsyth, Mary Victoria
  •     10-11am panel:

Where do you get your ideas?

It’s the age-old and widely derided question, and one more often than not dismissed or dodged by authors around the world. Despite this, the question actually deserves answering: where do authors get their ideas? A look at the hunt for inspiration, tricks and tools for stimulating creativity, and – perhaps – the ultimate answer to fiction’s oldest question.

Ellen Kushner, Robert Silverberg, Glenda Larke, Jack Dann



My programme for Worldcon/Aussicon4,
Melbourne Sept 2010

  1. Ack! So many sessions, so few of me! I need a few clones… it's a wonderful program, and I'm so looking forward to it – just wish it were spread out over two weeks so I could get to everything.

    Will definitely be at the panel session on trilogies; hopefully more!!

  2. Planning on coming to the crowns and swords panel, will come to the coffee klatsch unless I get a better offer *grin*.

    10 days and counting…

  3. Do you mind if I let people know that due to a bit of a mix up with convention planning, Kate Elliot will be having a kaffeeklatsch outside the convention at 3pm on the Saturday? It will be at one of the coffee shops in the Crown Casino, details to be confirmed later. You don't need to be a member of the Con to attend. Anyone interested can email me on jokasper at bigpond dot com. If you do mind me using your blog to do that then please disregard everything I've just written *grin*.

  4. Jo1967 – I will give this some more publicity later. Anything for Kate – one of my favourite writers, and a lovely lady too.

  5. I would have loved to come to your reading, Glenda, but sadly I don't arrive till Saturday morning. I bet there'll be a lot more than three people there though! Looking forward to catching some of your other panels.

    Everything sounds so interesting it's going to be hard to choose. I feel like a dog out for a walk. So many fascinating scents! Which one to follow?

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