A different kind of fantasy heroine: the pregnant, short-sighted scholar…

Stormlord Rising Firstly, so far so good. Stormlord Rising has been selling well in US, an indication that readers of The Last Stormlord want to know what happens next. I have my first Amazon reviews, and — as I am totally into watching Amazon ratings because I’m ridiculously pathetic — I am delighted that they are 5 stars; as are the ratings over at Barnes&Noble. (Yeah, I look at those too. Didn’t I just say I’m pathetic?)
So, for those of you haven’t read it yet, what’s Stormlord Rising all about?
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A different kind of fantasy heroine: the pregnant, short-sighted scholar… — 6 Comments

  1. Hello Glenda,

    In a previous blog entry, you quoted someone who reviewed "Stormlord Rising" and said that it was the best middle-of-a-trilogy book ever.

    I thought, oh that person is prone to hyperbole!

    Then I read "Stormlord Rising" myself, and it is the Best. Middle-of-a-Trilogy. Book. Ever!

  2. Came via Orbit cos of that headline and well it does sounds really really interesting 😀 fantasy I do wanna read

  3. Going back to a previous conversation, when did I come to fantasy. I guess my first fantasy was when I was a kid. Elizabeth Goudge's Little White Horse was my favourite book for many a year. It still holds a soft spot in my heart.

  4. I have to say that I'm less than half way through this book (See Glenda? We're pathetic together lol) and it has been such a treat. Just Ryka's evolution has been truly amazing to behold, to say nothing of everything else. I very much look forward to Exile. I'm more sure now than ever that it will be a thing of beauty. 🙂

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