Over the past year….

  • …20,100 people from 125 countries visited this blog, according to ClusterMaps. (I’m not going to rock the world with those figures, am I?)
  • Google Analytics has a higher number, almost 23,000, of whom  9,657 were distinct visitors from 122 countries…
  • Australia and USA together accounted for 52% of visits and those two countries plus Malaysia and U.K. made up 80% of visits.
The keywords over the past year that brought folk here, 
(after the obvious ones of my name and the blog name):
  • Top of the list: Stormlord Rising. By far!! I’m really chuffed! That means that folk are really hanging out for this one!!
  • The Last Stormlord was high up there too, along with “Ryka Feldspar”. 
  •  So was “whose”  “whom” “who’s” in various forms, linked to grammar questions; “fantasy tropes” “First person novels” etc

 And here are a couple of funny ones I cannot explain:

  • “I raise my eyes, and there is Kinabalu, presiding over the forest” (74 visits)
  • “if you prune my orchid, I will pay you rs.600 a day for the work, as soon as you have finished it.” (14 visits)


Over the past year…. — 4 Comments

  1. Wierd isn't it? I have never kept such statistics (I notice Canada wasn't mentioned!!!) but I have looked at some of the things which drew people to my site and there are definitely some which make no sense at all.

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