More waspish industry…

She now has two upstairs rooms built on the three downstairs. The third downstairs room addition has an outlook on to the floral landscape. I love the tail of greenery for the backroom.

And I finally managed a quick and fuzzy snapshot of the designer-builder. She is over 3cms long, black with yellow abdomen stripes and a very big butt…


More waspish industry… — 9 Comments

  1. Boy am I glad I am not a friendly neighbour, I WOULD NOT want to use that bathroom.

    We used to get carpenter bees in NC which cut perfect holes in the wood of our decks in order to build nests. This kind of activity would eventually destroy the decks if left unchecked. You, I guess, would have sacrificed your decks to the wildlife.

  2. Come on, it's just ONE wasp, she's not at all aggressive – in fact when I enter the bathroom she flies out the window. And I am enjoying watching the progress of the nest.

    Unlike your carpenter beetles, she's not even damaging the infrastructure!

  3. One of my most vivid memories of childhood is being attacked by a swarm of wasps. Thankfully I wasn't allergic as I was stung a lot! Strangely it hasn't made me afraid of them. I laugh at people who shriek and run from one puny little wasp!
    Although I think getting rid of it before she brings in family would be a good thing, you have to admire the work she's doing! It does have a strange beauty to it! : )

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