It’s available!! If you live in the USA!

One reviewer called it the best middle-book-of-a-trilogy ever!

See reviews here.
And here.
And here.

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Buy from Barnes & Noble here. They say you can reserve and pick up from your local store in 60 mins.
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Cover of the US/UK edition is from Steve Stone (artist) and Peter Cotton (designer). Thanks, guys, I love it! Do click on the link to Steve…there are pix there to die for.


It’s available!! If you live in the USA! — 9 Comments

  1. I read the first one – bought here in the US (Minnesota), I loved it so much I couldn't wait and had to order the second one from Australia. I will do the same when the third becomes available in Aus. 😀

  2. I bought your first Watergivers book here in the US. Loved it so much I couldn't wait and ordered the second from Aus. I will do the same for the third once it is published – best fantasy I've read in years – a decade or more….

  3. Oh dear, Mary – that must have been expensive!! But I am so chuffed that you liked it that much. I have still not heard exactly when the third will be published in the US – I think it could possibly be around the same time as Australia. March maybe.

    I will announce it as soon as I know myself for sure.

  4. Sorry for double posting, feel free to delete the extra! And also? Your book was TOTALLY worth it. Haven't been this excited about a series in a long time – well with the exception of Karen Miller. 😀

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