Dawn over the South China Sea…

And below – the reason for coming to the east coast: to attend a village wedding in Terengganu, one of my husband’s invaluable students/assistants.


Dawn over the South China Sea… — 5 Comments

  1. Beautiful pictures! Looks like a beautiful view as well, over the water. Hope you had a wonderful visit to the wedding. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Malay/Muslim weddings have 2 parts – the first is more for close family, and often takes place the night before, or even long before, the public reception you see here.

    This first part is the religious ceremony with a celebrant. The woman remains in another room, usually with her married female relatives, while the celebrant gives a speech and prayers and the groom makes his vows and signs the contract in front of everyone else.

    The celebrant then enters the other room for the woman to make her vows and sign the contract. Later she emerges to greet the guests.

    This public ceremony in these photos includes a ceremonial seating in the "thrones" as "king and queen", and a formal meal with VIP guests. While on the "thrones" the couple receive the blessings of their close family, with ritual sprinkling of rice, scented water and herbs.

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