Australia has a new Prime Minister

  • Gillard is unmarried but has a partner.
  • Gillard has no children.
  • Gillard is a migrant.
  • Gillard is a feminist.
  • Gillard is an atheist.
  • Gilliard is Australia’s first woman Prime Minister.

I can think of a lot of countries in this world of ours, including the United States and Malaysia, where one or more of the above points would rule her out as that country’s leader. I am thankful that my country is not one of them.

Yay for a woman who knows her own mind, and uses it.
Yay for a country that truly allows for freedom of the mind and freedom for rational decisions.


Australia has a new Prime Minister — 3 Comments

  1. My son couldn't work out what all the fuss about her being the FIRST woman PM…seems that for him there are no Men's jobs and Women's jobs. There may be hope for the future yet *grin*.

    I wasn't aware that she was an atheist, that will make a nice change! Even though I'm not normally a Labor voter, she'll get my vote over Tony Abbott any day of the week.

  2. She maybe the first woman PM in Oz, but don't forget the Iron Lady in the UK. I hope Gillard does as good a job as she did. I guess the glass ceiling is getting a few holes in it.

    Basically I think a lot of people in the US would be anti a female leader on principle, especially dahn sahth. Clinton nearly made it though.

  3. Joanna – isn't it odd how hard it is sometimes for a political party to find a leader of calibre? Sometimes it seems that the top dog is just the one that has least enemies, instead of the best there is to offer. When you think of some of the lulus that US or UK have come up with, you scratch your head…

    And Jo, it's horrid to think that in so many places in the world there are people (including women!) who despise women so much they won't treat them as equal to men. And especially peculiar when you think that the periods of male dominance aren't exactly periods of shining example…

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