Aboard Netanyahu’s “Ship of hate”

There’s some very interesting first-hand reports coming in from the 12 Malaysians who were on two different ships bound for Gaza. Those of you who only read the Western press may be interested in the Malaysian accounts – from those who were there.

They include medical doctors, local TV reporters, politicians, Muslims and non-Muslims. The two doctors treated the two Israeli soldiers who were hurt and who might have possibly bled to death otherwise. (Netanyahu called the vessel afterwards “the ship of hate”. I wonder if those 2 injured Israeli commandos agree?) One of the TV reporters tells the harrowing story of interviewing two Turkish activists on either side of him–when they were both shot.

Of course, if you don’t want the truth to be known, you don’t let the TV men come home with their film, do you??

You can read about what the Malaysian delegation has to say here:
and here:
And here:
the Staronline

Particularly interesting is the allegation by the head of the Malaysian mission that he has in his possession a hitlist – with names and pictures – taken from an Israeli soldier after he was searched and his gun thrown overboard. The leader of the delegation is reported as saying that all the men on that hitlist are now dead, whereas members of the Malaysian delegation – none of whom were on the list – were hit only by rubber bullets.



Aboard Netanyahu’s “Ship of hate” — 5 Comments

  1. I think there should be a world-wide boycott of products, like citrus fruits from Israel until they stop acting like Nazis and rejoin the community of humans

  2. Did you read my post on blockade running?

    By the way Glenda, sinlaw Mike has won a prestigious BBC award with one of his paintings.

  3. This is a very interesting post Glenda, all of these articles use very different descriptive language than the ones I've been reading in Oz, 'attack' vs 'boarding action' for example.

    Also interesting is the different perspectives from passengers on the same ship: Noorazman Mohd Samsuddin says that 'we took into consideration an Israeli attack and we were prepared to die,' while Ashwad Ismail shares that 'it was an eyeopener to the world… I did not expect Israel to act in such a way because we were civilians.'

  4. Sometimes I wonder about the sanity of folk from that part of the world – there is so much hatred for one another. It seems they'd rather fight than talk.

    Today there was news about Turkey firing stuff at Kurds in Iran.


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