So, which cover would make you pick up the book?

Over in the sidebar of the blog, there’s a poll. Tell me which of these covers (and you can choose more than one if you like) would be most likely to make you pick up the book (always assuming the language was not an issue) with a view to buying it?


So, which cover would make you pick up the book? — 7 Comments

  1. first choice would definitely be the German by far.

    second choice either of the French ones.

    I might take a look at the Russian one because it looks fun, but only if it was a cheap pb. The first three I'd be tempted to buy hb.

  2. Is the Russian one a Boris Vallejo cover? I love his work and would definitely look at this one. : ) I bought the US one but the German cover is just fab!

  3. I have no idea of the Russian artist's name. I can't read Cryllic!! Actually it looks better close up on the book. Although I cannot understand why women warriors would ever go around half clad. Oh, and what's with the pterodactyls???

    Still much better than the cut and paste from TV/film images that followed…

  4. Despite my aversion to hooded cloaked figures on the front of books, I do like that cover, I also like the US one as it was the first of your books I ever read. Of course these days, it would be your name, not the cover which would attract me.

  5. Okay, the covers made me go look for Kindle versions so I guess all of them were acceptable! Unfortunately, not available.

  6. Take a look at the post I am putting up today (24th May) with the link to a post about what publisher's look for in a cover.

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