So, what should you ask an author??

I’m busy cleaning up the MS for Stormlord’s Exile, if you are wondering about the dearth of posts lately. Almost there. And once it is done, do I sit back basking in the light of my great literary achievement …?

  1. Ha. Just because I submit the thing doesn’t mean it’s finished, not by a longshot.
  2. Or, for that matter, that it is a great literary achievement.
  3. There are 400 emails in my inbox needing attention.
  4. There are 300 days of housework not done.
  5. My agent is already asking for the outline of the next one.

And if you need to know what to ask an author in an interview, read this very funny compilation by numerous authors. I had no idea John Banville would be so gloriously combative…


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