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Remember to vote on the cover poll for The Aware – one more day.

And this Guardian article may interest you if you haven’t already read it, on what really counts when it comes to a publisher’s decision about a cover picture. “There are some superb designers and jackets out there, covers that need even less than 0.8 seconds for a book buyer to pick them up. But retailers’ natural conservatism will mean they always err on the side of the generic…”

And here’s my cover photo for the day: Husband and his sister all dressed up on Saturday night for a fancy black-tie do, which I declined to go to. (See what I forgo in order to write a book?)


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  1. I had no idea that the book seller could dictate the cover of a book. That is ridiculous but I guess money talks.

    On behalf of your readers everywhere, thank you for forgoing the occasion pictured with Noramly and his sister. But we don't really expect you to go that far, just stay up all night instead *g*.

  2. Poor publishing companies, there are so many factors affecting their bottom line that they have absolutely no control over, I guess I can't blame them for playing it safe with few bits of leverage they do have. I hadn't heard about retailers influencing covers before but sadly it doesn't surprise me, when a huge slice of your sales comes from three or four big companies it must be hard to ignore an offer of 20,000 extra copies to make your produce fit into their front wall. But then I guess that's where small press publishing comes in 🙂

    Seconded Jo, we appreciate the sacrifices that you and Noramly are making Glenda; your missing out on a nice meal and an opportunity to frock up, and his having to explain 'no, actually this is my sister' at five minute intervals 😀

  3. Glad my sacrifice is appreciated. Huh-hmm. Of course others who know me might think I wimped out having no love of dress occasions…

    Hendo, fortunately no problem with husband taking his sister – as this was a uni function and she was before her retirement the head librarian, everyone knows their relationship!

    I found the article interesting because it seemed to indicate that being generic is what sells, not what stands out.

  4. Phew, that's lucky! Clearly Noramly comes from a very intelligent family!

    That's an interesting way of looking at the issue. I does make for a self-fulfilling prophecy when a few big companies are able to corner the market and push publishers around; if they're able to undercut smaller retailers then most readers are going to buy from them either way. Urgh, economics…

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