On idiocy…

When a hate-fueled mob of religious idiots start to demonstrate, what do you do to counter their vicious idiocy?

Here’s a young guy who found the perfect answer. You work it so that the bigots unwittingly are instrumental in donating money to the causes they hate. Love it.

Now I just wish I could work out how to do something similar to people who ban books and seize whatever takes their fancy here in Malaysia: a book on ovarian cysts, a young adult fantasy novel, a book on feminist theory…anything their tiny little minds can’t appreciate. Or are they just collecting reading matter for their families? We don’t know because they never tell us what their criteria is. Or in fact explain anything…

My theory is that they can’t speak English and therefore judge a book by its cover.


On idiocy… — 2 Comments

  1. People have been seizing books for as long as books have been written even burning books which is a heinous crime IMHOP. Unfortunately there will always be idiots out there who don't understand or, as you said, can read the language. I guess I am bigoted against the bigots.

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