I’m in London

London, England, that is. To see my daughter.

And I just posted a blog over at Borders here on the subject of writing characters.
Today is the Grand National in UK, so of course, when there was a horse starting with the name “Character Building”, who could resist a flutter?

The best thing I can say is the horse finished the race, which is far from a guarantee in a jump event.

Most of the day we spent just walking the streets in glorious Spring weather. I’m staying in Soho, just off Oxford St, so close to everything.

Covent Garden market


I’m in London — 4 Comments

  1. I was thinking it looked a lot cleaner these days. You can actually see what the buildings look like. Don't forget to go to the Soho food market either.

    Sorry your gee gee didn't win for you.

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