flying visit…

Yesterday I spent the day with my sister, which was great. She was just passing through on her way to India and Bhutan. It had been almost two years since I saw her last, one of the horrible penalties of living far from home. However, we are meeting again this year, after Worldcon in Melbourne. I am really looking forward to that – I shall be off to Tasmania with her and other friends. Never been there!

About the only other thing I did yesterday was to write a blog post over at Babel Clash. Please feel free to comment over there! It was veeeeery quiet over Easter. Were you all on holiday from the internet?


flying visit… — 2 Comments

  1. Don't know where the others were but I was smoozing at Swancon and having a great time. Wish you'd been there.

  2. I read that as "snoozing" and thought, hmm…that doesn't sound like the Swancon I know and love!!

    Wish I could have been there. Next year sounds like a doozy…tempting, tempting…

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