Shale Flint the nontechnologist…

Where fantasy becomes all too true.

I wrote The Last Stormlord, knowing that the world I was portraying was far too close to the truth to be comfortable.

Where I went wrong with the solution – Shale shouldn’t have tried to be a stormlord. He ought to have gone for nanotechnology instead!

Peter G. sent me this link. Fascinating stuff.

Freshwater could become the oil of the 21st century – scarce, expensive and fought over. While over 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, most of it is unusable for human consumption. Technological advances have made desalination and demineralization feasible – albeit expensive – solutions for increasing the world’s supply of freshwater. However, nanotechnology-based water purification devices have the potential to transform the field of desalination…

And here’s another unrelated but interesting digital download on water available free until April 2nd. Don’t miss this one. It’s from National Geographic and includes all kinds of interesting stuff – as they put it:

Starting on March 22, World Water Day, through April 2, 2010,
you can download a copy of this free interactive edition of
National Geographic magazine. Get complete content from
the print edition, plus extra photo galleries, rollover graphics
that animate features like maps and time lines, and video profiles
of photographers who contributed to the issue.

Marvellous to look at.

And if you haven’t started reading the Stormlord/Watergivers trilogy, and want to see how magic would tackle the problem… go out and buy The Last Stormlord.


Shale Flint the nontechnologist… — 3 Comments

  1. If you had gone in for nanotechnology you would have been writing Sci Fi not Fantasy.

    By the way, I am reading The Magician's Apprentice, I am enjoying the book, but I wouldn't have chosen it over The Last Stormlord.

  2. Hi Glenda. I just wanted to let you know how much I loved Stormlord Rising. You've definitely maintained the high standard that you set in The Last Stormlord. I'm really hanging out to see what happens next!!
    Thanks for some terrific reads.

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