The only time I’ll sit next to Stephen Fry

I’m a bit of a bookstore junkie. Which is hard, when I live a long way from a decent one, in fact from any book shop at all.

My Australian editions never make it to Malaysia at all when they first come out (although @eyerizzz tells me he saw a couple of my first books from in 2003 and 2004 in BookXcess, the discount store in the Klang Valley, from the sales of which I doubt I will earn a cent…).

So when I need an ego boost, I have to depend on others.

And they come good! Cheryl Morgan sent me the one with the book sitting next to Stephen’s and my daughter sent the other, taken in a small Waterstone’s in London.

Ok, satisfied now. Head is nicely swelled.



The only time I’ll sit next to Stephen Fry — 5 Comments

  1. I bet you do feel good.

    I was thinking of you tonight, Stephanie Meyer of Twilight fame has sold over 8 million books apparently. I commented I bet you wish you could too. Funny how some books just catch on isn't it?

  2. I'd be totally beserk with joy if I sold a quarter of a million.

    But one man's meat is another man's poison. I've had a succession of wonderful blog and newspaper reviews and fanmail, all of which is saying how they couldn't put the book down and there wasn't a dull page. And then I read this in a forum, to bring me down to earth: "it started off intriguing, it got incredibly over-blown, slow, and laborious." Lol!!

    No matter how many people you please, there will always be those who just can't see the attraction. I find Twilight unreadable. But 8 million people will tell me I'm wrong!!

  3. Well of course I don't agree with that description of your work – not one bit, but there again, I loved Twilight and the rest of the series, so you are right "one man's meat…" Of course they were young adult books and I am notorious for enjoying such books.

  4. I picked up a copy of "Stormlord" yesterday in the dealer's room at this con I'm currently at – am saving it for reading on the journey back home and am looking forward to spending a couple of hours in an airplane as I'm winging my way home in your company, Glenda…

  5. Great to know it was in a dealers' room, Alma! Hope you enjoy it. (Best savoured on a cold, wet Washington State day?)

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