Some fun with GRRM — 4 Comments

  1. Just shows you, there is a down side to being a really successful author. I am one of those who is also awaiting that book and at my age its a toss up who will go first, me or the author. I must say that's why I like trilogies, they come out more quickly. I was also one of those who was devastated by the death of Robert Jordan although I think Sanderson has done a very good job with the first part of the finale.

  2. I can understand readers' impatience but I also feel that writers need to have a life in order to be able to write their best. They would stagnate if all they had to do was sit down and write with no other interaction! : ) No wonder George gets a little irritated if people are pointing out how 'old and fat' he is!

  3. You're right Jackie, one tends to forget that authors have a life as well and wouldn't write so well if they didn't.

    Wish I could help you Glenda, I'm a good proof reader, but that's not what you want. Best of luck with your deadline.

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