More weird Malaysian banning of books


This via Bibliobibuli here.

Who would have thought: the authorities have decided to sieze more local books from local bookshops in their ongoing attempts at intimidation (instead of going through legal means available to them to officially ban books).

This time – after 14 months of a book being on sale locally, they have decided that it may “have a negative impact on public tranquility/morals/public safety/relations between the country and foreign nations”… and have siezed copies in Melaka.

How intelligent. And strange that I have heard nothing of the 14 months of mayhem this book has brought to the streets…

Later: Come to think of it, if one wanted not to have a negative impact on the way one was regarded internationally, it might be a good idea to stop raiding bookshops. Because, y’know, it makes you look sort of…immature.


More weird Malaysian banning of books — 3 Comments

  1. the problem with censorship is that it assumes the public have utterly stupid and unable to make choices for themselves.
    hence I choose to buy these books when I'm on holiday

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