Warning: scattered, infrequent blogposts expected

Forecast is for seasonal book-writing frenzy. As a consequence, expect blogging dry spells throughout January, lasting possibly into February.

To receive updates, it is suggested you friend me on Facebook at Glenda Larke Noramly or follow me on twitter glendalarke (or you can read the tweets in the sidebar here.) I shall also be updating the word counter in the sidebar here so you can see how it is going. And I promise, I read all blog and facebook comments, always, even though I may not always have time to respond.

Orchid pictures from our garden
“Dancing Ladies”


Warning: scattered, infrequent blogposts expected — 3 Comments

  1. Lovely flowers Glenda, envious of you having such an exotic orchid display when we have to treat them like rare delicacies.

    As for the scattered blogspots, don't apologise, all your fans perfectly understand your devotion to writing and how much time it takes. Best of luck..

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