Sneak peek at Stormlord Rising

STORMLORD RISING is of course the second book in the Watergivers trilogy, and HarperVoyager have put up Chapter 1 here, and will put up Chapter 2 Friday the 22nd, just to get you all worked up enough to put your orders in at your favourite bookstore, right? The release date in Australia is March 1st, 2010. Which is about when Book 1, The Last Stormlord, has its release in US and UK.

And above is the cover, the work of the wonderful UK fantasy/SF artist Vincent Chong.

Oh, and for all you cold country peoples, that white stuff is not ice … it’s salt.

Happy reading!


Sneak peek at Stormlord Rising — 7 Comments

  1. Oh, I can hardly wait till the first of March. And as someone from a Summer place, let me tell you I wish that was snow!!! Anything for some coolness!!

  2. Do come visit 2paw, we have plenty of coolth LOL.

    I have asked a mutual friend to send me Stormlord Rising once it is out. I am so looking forward to it. I sure can't wait til its released over here.

  3. I think it's the white mountains in the background that made me think snow initially. I presume they're on a salt lake.


  4. I think that this is extreme cruelty. I inhaled the first chapter in a few minutes and now I'm even more stressed. It is so good. Book is already ordered though. I might survive.

  5. To tell the truth, I am having a great deal of trouble waiting for this one myself. I am dying to know what everyone thinks of it.

    In some ways, I walked a very delicate line in part of the story, where it was difficult to convey what I wanted in a nuanced way. I won't know if I succeeded until readers tell me.

    The story follows all the main characters from book one, but in many ways this is Ryka's tale.

    Not long to wait.

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