No one religion has a monopoly…

…on the stupidity of some of its adherents.

In Malaysia there are some folk getting all het up about just who has the rights to the word Allah. Apparently, according to these folk, if a non-Muslim uses the word it is somehow supposed to, um, harm the faith of Muslims. Or something.

While elsewhere, you have some Christian folk, equally bizarrely, warning their faithful about science fiction. Reading it, apparently, will shake your Christian faith to its foundations. Wow.

Who’d have thunk their foundations were so shakey?


No one religion has a monopoly… — 4 Comments

  1. Remarkable. I wonder if the same folk so upset at non-Muslims using the word 'Allah' are, in the spirit of avoiding hypocrisy, willing to give up using words such 'intellect', 'perspective' and 'common sense', for surely they have no legitimate claim on such concepts.

    Interesting, too, to note that all of the 'sci-fi' authors mentioned in this creationist idiot's article are dead and, therefore, unable to answer back. Gosh, it must be nice to have such moral courage . . .

    Beware of Science Fiction! It might make you think – and then you'll see through the transparent tissue of lies upon which my entire argument is constructed . . .

  2. Religion has attracted idiots since the concept began. Just look at the Crusades to start off with. I do agree Sci Fi makes you THINK and thinking is a good thing anyway. Natural Science could do the same thing couldn't it?

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