Back again, intermittent blogging forecast for coming week…

Home again, after a hectic few days.
Will blog in full over the next week or so about everything.

General summary:

Disappointed not to win of course, but as it is becoming a habit I am actually quite used to it. Us losers talked about starting a losers’ club…

Really though, that was the only thing about the past 5 days that wasn’t utterly fantastic.
Friends, friends and friends. New friends. Old friends.
Book talk, industry talk, writer-reader talk (special thanks to Joanna!)
Food, drink, talk, books. Books and books and writing talk.
Birds, birds and birds. Grass Owl!

Photos coming.

Oh, and my computer had a lovely rest in hospital and is now running at speed again.
I wasn’t noramlyed.

What more could I ask?


Back again, intermittent blogging forecast for coming week… — 3 Comments

  1. I am really stunned that you weren't noramlyed – I think that must have been the best thing of the lot. I am so glad you had such a good time even if you didn't win. Lots of us would have voted for you.

  2. I very nearly asked if you had been noramlyed, but figured that since you hadn't got home yet, I didn't want to jinx anything.

    I really enjoyed meeting you (and Karen). It was the highlight of my week!

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