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Above: Grandson in front of the wild hornbill feeding station at the hotel.

The Oriental Pied Hornbill at the feeding station. That pile of horrible white stuff? It’s white bread, possibly about the worst thing you could feed a hornbill. The other orange stuff is papaya. In the wild they are omnivorous – eating fruit, young birds, lizards, insects, etc. But not bread loaded with sugar and white flour. There were easily about 40 birds flying around at feeding time, just feet away from the guests.

Some of the hotel chalets. (Pangkor Island Beach Resort – great place. We stayed in the cheapest rooms, which was a great choice as they were also the quietest, being the furthest away from the swimming pool and night life.)


More from Pangkor Island … — 2 Comments

  1. I'm still green with envy although its fading slightly now. The hornbills are interesting, not sure if I have ever seen pictures of them before.

    What did your grandson think of it all?

    A Lot of humans know you shouldn't eat white bread, how stupid to give it to any birds.

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