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One of the nice things about being a HarperVoyager Oz author is that they tend to keep books in print. The last two books of the Mirage Makers have just gone to yet another reprint, and here’s what they sent to me…

And then Orbit UK sent me their catalogue for the Spring and Summer 2010, and I got my first glimpse of Larry Rostant’s cover for Stormlord Rising. And the rather flattering blurb stuff too…*g*

The end bit reads: The trilogy is “a gripping tale of war and deprivation reaching from the highest throne room to a shallow grave in the sands. This is an epic tale of survival wrapped in politics and and intrigue. Brent Weeks meets Dune in this coming-of-age adventure fantasy set in a desert world where water is the only currency.

Hmm. I’ll let you readers be the judge of that. Although I will say that this second book of the trilogy is as much the story of Rainlord Ryka Feldspar – who is in her thirties! – as that of the two young protagonists, Terelle and Shale.

I think what excites me about this book is that several people have told me they think it tops the first book, and is the best thing I have written yet. As it is book number nine of mine to be published, I love the idea of that. I strive to improve all the time…


Reprints and covers — 5 Comments

  1. I reckon your work's always been great, Glenda, and it constantly gets better, book by book. May it long continue!

    And I'm just waiting for the day you win your first Aurealis!

  2. You and me both Satima. It will be such a feather in Glenda's cap. And yes, I agree your writing gets better all the time. All your stories are so very original in concept and The Last Rainlord was a great book.

  3. Glenda The West Australian today in their books section wrote its between yourself and Joe Abercrombie for the best Fantasy author for this year for The Last Stormlord

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