A bit of fun with Babelfish

This is the blurb on the French edition of The Aware … as seen by the free online translator:

Braise Sangmêlé had been sworn never not to give the feet to Point-of-Gorth, den of all that the Glorieuses islands count of desperate, traffickers, swindlers and criminals without faith nor law, ready to kill father and mother for some piécettes.

But the Vigils, which reign as Masters on the archipelago, do not hear it this ear. Ember is the only one with being able to conclude a delicate mission for their account: to bring back most discreetly possible the castenelle one of Cirkase in escape.

Hardly unloaded, Braise realizes that something does not turn out badly: its investigation runs up against the dumbness of the sailors and a worrying odor of magic dyes with carmine seems to stick to least its steps. Because, in addition to being one fighting except par, army of a sword to the exceptional proportions, Braise Sangmêlé have the gift of Perspicacity which enables him to see the magic with work. Though very useful, this talent made of it a target of choice for the wizards of any hair who hardly appreciate that one interferes oneself their projects.

In other words, Braise was still put in dirty cloths…


A bit of fun with Babelfish — 5 Comments

  1. It makes me realise how talented human translators can be.

    Special mention goes to the UN real-time translators and to book translators who can maintain the essence and rhythm of a story.

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