The 5 a.m. beetle…

…that we were dragged out of bed to look at, by our jet-lagged 5 year old. A female rhinoceros beetle. Is there another family on earth that consults beetle ID books at 5.40 in the morning??


The 5 a.m. beetle… — 3 Comments

  1. Beetle's advocate:

    I was just on my way out to find food when I was waylaid by a young giant human and his family.
    I suffered serious molestation, was catalogued, photographed and delayed for over an hour by the giants. I was in fear for my life and thought I would never see my children again.

  2. I could i.d. some things at 5 a.m. but not a beetle. Friends always used to say 'haven't you got a book?' meaning I had all the references.

    You know, in that family Peter, the beetle may have been delayed, but never harmed. Grandson sounds like a chip off the old block.

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