Study table during a writing frenzy

Chaos. How I wish I had a PA. Or a maid. Or a nice domesticated wife.

And here’s how I organise my book – this being Book 3 there are so many characters, threads, themes and plot lines to come together. So I colour code, for characters and places and point of view and time. Every colour means something different. And then I have to have a decoder because I can’t remember them all…

NaNoWriMo total: 47150 at midday.


Study table during a writing frenzy — 3 Comments

  1. Looks like a futuristic version of mine! They're all on cards. One card per chapter with the key beats only. My cupboard is covered in about 70 of them, all numbered and in order of course!


  2. Somtimes I dunno how I produce anything, Jo…

    Skaldi, that sound sooooo like a sciptwriter, seeing things in scenes!

    Btw I know in my re-write of this book, I will have your words about scenes echoing in my ears, because I think it is one thing I really have to strengthen in the middle of this novel.

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