Review of The Last Stormlord

Not sure whether it is quite kosher to post a whole review on the net when I am (obviously) not the author of the review. Anyway: above is the heading of the book review section of the newspaper, so that was really, really great to see for a start!!

The newspaper was The West Australian, Saturday 31st October – the main morning daily in my home town of Perth, which gave me a nice fuzzy feeling.

Ian Nichols, the reviewer is a very talented and polished writer himself, so a good review from him means a lot personally to me.

And here’s some more of the review. It begins:

In her previous novels Larke has demonstrated an enviable skill. With this novel she moves into the realm of sheer virtuosity.

The middle section of the review is a brief look at the story, and then it goes on to say:

The plot is engrossing and the characters fascinating. In bookshops where bland fantasies line the shelves, Larke stands out from the crowd.

Yep, I’m happy.


NaNoWriMo day 1 total: a shade over 2,000 words.


Review of The Last Stormlord — 2 Comments

  1. Ian tends to call it as he sees it, and is often sparing with his compliments, so you should definitely be proud of this review Glenda!

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