Where did the idea of pedes come from?


Another question from Jo: Where did the idea for pedes come from?
And here’s the answer (and remember these are just what gave me the idea):

So the answer is: the Malaysian rainforest.
And if you haven’t seen that, you’d better hurry up because it is almost all gone. Even that which is protected is fast losing its biodiversity to poachers and indifference of most of the populace.


If you don’t understand Jo’s question, then you must read The Last Stormlord!
Go on, you know you want to…


Where did the idea of pedes come from? — 5 Comments

  1. Ah! That explains it! Funny, I was thinking about this very same thing last night about The Last Stormlord 😀

    woohoo! Way cool!


  2. Ah, Jo, the rest of it just comes from the mess in a fantasy writer's head. I've been looking at those millipedes for years, imagining them to be big enough to ride…I mean, doesn't everyone??

  3. Nope, actually one invaded the cottage whilst we were there and I nearly stepped on it until Matt warned me, my reaction was a yelp not a thought "how about riding it" although I must admit I think it was nearly big enough.

  4. Funny, but I had no problem figuring out your inspiration for pedes when I read your book. Every time they were mentioned I imagined those little critters big enough to ride.
    And then last night, after reading this blog post I dreamed of pedes…not the ridable-sized ones but the size of that one in the palm of your hand. I haven't seen them that size before.

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