People who heard about the online read…

Here’s the result of the poll on The Last Stormlord online

41% read the whole thing on line – and then went out and bought it
31% read part of it – and went out and bought it.
29% of people who knew about the online read, weren’t interested in reading the book that way

(for various reasons)

(Those figures should add up to 100% but we have an extra 1% from somewhere.)

Hmmm…no one admitted they read it in part or in its entirety and decided not to buy. Maybe they were too shy to say so, or more likely weren’t interested enough to visit my blog!

2% bought it although they had no intention of doing so before they read it online.
35% of those who read the whole thing online said they would buy book 2 – but no one at all was game enough to admit the opposite – that would not buy book 2 at all!


People who heard about the online read… — 3 Comments

  1. Well, as you know, I am reading book one and I would certainly buy book 2 (tomorrow please) and then book 3 (day after tomorrow). I am going to have major problems waiting for the rest of the story.

  2. Actually, I thought saying I read it all online then would buy book 2 was a pretty good indicator that I didn't buy book 1. To be honest, it was the kind of read that I would very much want to read, but unless the rest of the trilogy measures up (since it's not a standalone), I wouldn't REread it. If the whole series though ends in a way that makes me want to read again, at that point, count me in on book one.

  3. Yes, Anon – that was the way the question was meant. I think everyone took it that way – except maybe one person, because the figures were off by one.

    Actually I think I didn't put enough thought into the way I worded the questions as they were a bit ambiguous. Anyway, thanks for answering the poll, and the clarification!

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