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Yesterday was such a bad day for half a dozen different reasons, that I didn’t feel like blogging. Shan’t talk about it today either, in the futile hope that the bad things will thus disappear…sigh.

Just finished The Secret Scriptures by Irish writer Sebastian Barry. Apart from a couple of rather wild coincidences that I had a problem with, it was one of those books that aroused my passionate ire on the part of the characters.

How dare the villains of the piece do that! How utterly horrible that conscienceless priest was! I hope he burns in hell. How awful that bitch of a mother-in-law! Oooo – I’d like to give her a piece of my mind. How can people behave like that?!

All over fictional characters… Now that is good writing.


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  1. Sorry about the bad day Glenda, we all have them, some more than others. Hopefully it will pass.

    Will make a note of the book, if you enjoyed it, I am sure I will.

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