Diamonds on the family

This is younger daughter, the Tiger in Pony v. Tiger.

She is wearing a US$ 150,000 Todd Reid necklace of uncut diamonds. Needless to say, it does not belong to her and she had to give it back…

And just so as you don’t think her life is without the dark side – there were 6 shots fired directly outside her house the other day, in a drive-by shooting. Seems some would-be murderers were firing at each other from cars. The good thing is that they were lousy shots.
The bad thing is that it happens at all.
The weird thing is that there is a nearby line, on the other side of which this sort of shooting incident pretty much doesn’t happen. If I were an American, I’d do an awful lot of thinking about why not.

It’s called the Canadian border.


Diamonds on the family — 6 Comments

  1. Your daughter and those diamonds look stunning together.
    That drive-by shooting is scary stuff – and it's only getting worse. There were shots fired during an incident(believed to be bikie related) in a Perth suburb yesterday!

  2. Lovely daughter. Great necklace. Sorry to hear about drive-by shooting. The 'Canadian Border'… uhm… Who baptised the place?

  3. Lovely picture – you didn't say why she was wearing such a valuable necklace?

    I am not sure we don't have drive by shootings Glenda, maybe not as often as in the States, but they do happen now and again, especially in places like Toronto.

  4. She was DJing for a jewllery store, Jo.

    When she was living in a different part of LA known for its gangs, someone was killed in a driveby shooting in the next street. She thought moving to where she is now was safer…

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