Sharp Shooter: out now

Now here’s a book I really, really want to get hold of, although I shall wait until my next Oz trip, unless a bookshop up here decides they are missing out on A Good Thing.

Why do I want it?

Well, firstly, Marianne’s a great person. She’s also very funny. And a damn good writer. She’s also an enviably versatile one, and in the interests of having a go at something new, she’s changed her name to fit the new books. She used to be Marianne de Pierres. In fact, she still is, and under that name you can find her Parrish Plessis books and the Sentients of Orion series.

But for these new books, she is Marianne Delacourt.

Why do I want to read this particular one? Cos it’s set in my home town, for a start. Yep, Perth, W.A.* And here’s a bit about it from Marianne’s website: Marianne Delacourt writes contemporary crime/romance with a paranormal flavour. Stories that are fast, funny, furious – and definitely pull no punches. The first novel in her new Tara Sharp series is called Sharp Shooter.

*And for all you overseas people, WA stands for Western Australia, not Washington. Of course.
Washington? Er…where’s that?



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  1. I knew it was Western Australia, even though I live the other side of the world, I never even thought Washington.

    Never read anything by this author, will have to look out for her.

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