I’m not the glossy type…

Last week I got a call asking if I wanted to be interviewed for a Malaysian women’s glossy, about my writing. So of course, I said yes. All publicity is good, right?

Today I found out that I have to go to a very high-end hotel in town for a photo shoot. “We’ll do the make-up and hair; you just wear something colourful, smart casual.”

Oh help. I don’t do smart casual. Sloppy casual, yes. Or jungle-bashing casual. Or a recycling-sustainability-environmentalist-so-I-wear-clothes-till-they-fade-and-have-holes-in-them casual.

Hairdresser? Make-up artist? Who for? Me? Now that’s sort of like painting the stable door long after the filly bolted. Or rather after the filly became that old mare you can see in the pasture over there…

I hope they have their most experienced artistes on duty for this shoot. They’ll need that expertise.

Do you think they can get a photo shot before I lick off the lipstick? Any bets?



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  1. Now, that must be exciting for you! I would just make the most of it – all pampering is good, right? As for the lipstick? I bet a chocolate Hobnob the first application lasts 2 minutes 36 seconds!

  2. Don't worry Glenda, they will have someone with the lipstick handy all the time, especially if you mention the problem. I agree, difficult to know what wear though, would your peacock blue dress be too dressy do you think? It looks really good on you. Make sure you get copies of these pix, we want to see them.

  3. Oh, this made me happy because you and I are more similar than I otherwise would have known. I was once asked to say what car I would be if I had my choice. (Not buy, what car would I BE.) I am, without a doubt, a 1970s beat up Ford Truck. There's some rust and I don't take !@$, but I still run and haul things around. I definitely don't bother with waxing, but I'm happy with the occasional tune up. LOL

  4. That's fantastic. And bugger smart casual, I think you should wear what you wore to Ramly's bash. You look stunning. The colours are fantastic on you.

  5. I agree with the suggestions to wear that peacock blue dress, gorgeous in all definitions of the word!

    Also, just letting everyone know that I have received my prize (and prized) copy of The Last Stormlord. Signed and personalised by Glenda! Worked out that it was almost two years to the day from when Glenda blogged that I was the winner. Wonder if that is a record wait time for a competition prize?

    And yes, there was squealing involved when I opened the package *grin*.

  6. What's "colorful, smart casual"–is that like "dressy casual"? Anyway, I agree re. the outfit from the shindig the other day (not that you'd want to take my advice on clothing…)–it's colorful and smart and you looked great in it.

    And also: ditto on wanting to see the pix (preferably before you eat all the lipstick ;-).

  7. No, no, no…

    Don't wear the peacock blue dress. As lovely as it is, you want to let the readers of this magazine know what kind of person you really are. And while I don't know you at all really, I get the teensiest feeling from reading your website that you would be more comfortable wearing something else.

    So wear what you feel like wearing!

  8. Wow! That's so cool. I agree with everyone else, the peacock blue dress looked lovely on you. It would be a good choice if it's appropriate.
    I hope we'll get to see the photos.

  9. "I don't do smart casual. Sloppy casual, yes. Or jungle-bashing casual. Or a recycling-sustainability-environmentalist-so-I-wear-clothes-till-they-fade-and-have-holes-in-them casual."

    I fully identify with your dress style!
    You'll look good in any style!
    And ask for a lipstick with a nice flavor!

  10. The peacock blue is national dress for more formal stuff. I am not going to wander around K.L. dressed in that tomorrow…as Shaanti says, that's not me.

    Victoria – that sounds a lot like me. Except I am more a 1945 Chevvy, I think.

    Oddly enough, I think I am going to enjoy this. A new experience, and I like new experiences!

  11. Having read all the comments, Shaanti is right. I hadn't appreciated the importance of the blue dress anyway. I now think a nice pair of dress pants and an attractive but casual top would fit the bill perfectly. Or a good skirt would also fit well.

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