Good news day

Got the all clear from my biopsy today, so that was a relief.

And I received the copy edit back from Harper Collins for Book 2, Stormlord Rising.

As usual, the copy editor remarks that wasn’t anything much to do.
As usual, I then glance at the text. It’s covered in red.
As usual, I wonder how something I thought was well-nigh perfect can come back looking like it has the pox.
As usual, I start to wonder about other writers – if this is a light edit, what on earth are all the other authors doing????
And I know that, as I begin, also as usual, I shall look at the proposed corrections and blush, slap a hand to my forehead, wonder just how many times I typed ‘of’ when I meant ‘on’, or ‘that’ when I meant ‘than’. Or why I didn’t pick up that grammatical error, or the fact that I used the word ‘effort’ four times in two paragraphs, or misspelled a character’s name.
Thank the Big Publisher in Teh Sky for copy editors.


Good news day — 7 Comments

  1. Glad about the biopsy results, such good news is always great to have.

    I think I would have been a good copy editor, I seem to see every single typo there is in a book. Matt thinks he would have been good with movies as he spots everything wrong there, drives me batty actually, LOL

  2. Hi Glenda,

    Glad the biopsy results are good! yay!

    Wow, this whole copy-editing process is so interesting. I can't wait to go through it myself, even though it seems scary also *laughs*.

    I'm reading The Last Stormlord now! 😀 So coool!

    Ika Vanderkoeck

  3. Yep, copyediting is scary. Well, more embarrassing, I think. And a salutary lesson on why one should never self-publish without a professional edit.

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