I am sitting in Greenberry’s coffeeshop in Charlottesville…nice coffee if you pass this way, and good free internet connection!

As you will probably have noticed, I have started to twitter. Had my reservations about it at first, and have resisted, but as usual I cave in to the joys of new techno innovations eventually!

If you read this blog, then the tweets will go up on the sidebar. On my facebook page, they will go up as updates. And of course, you can follow my twitters if you want. (I have very few followers as yet.) You’ll find me @glendalarke.

The other thing I have done this week, with the help of techno savvy daughter, is set up a Glenda Larke group on facebook, which is devoted to news and stuff related to my writing side: for readers, fans and fellow writers, published and unpublished. Join me there, if you haven’t already. And to those who have – it’s great to have you on board.


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  1. Thanks, Elliott!

    This morning Facebook, Twitter and LJ all seem to be down or only working spasmodically. Help! we are being attacked by aliens!

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