UK Cover of The Last Stormlord


I note that the cover of the UK Orbit edition is up on now, with a publication date of March 4th. And the price is discounted at the moment, so it’s a good time to order.

Here’s the Australian Harper Voyager cover for comparison:
Which do I like better?
Can’t say. They both say very different things about the book. The UK cover (artist: Larry Rostant) emphasizes the darker, more desperate side of the story; the Australian (artist:
Vincent Chong) puts the emphasis on the brutal nature of a land that has insufficient water, and on the magic that may – or may not – be its saving. They both say true things about the story.

I do know this: I am the luckiest author around to have not one, but two such talented cover artists and two dedicated design teams from two different publishers to work on the same novel.
And thanks Karen, for the great quote!!


UK Cover of The Last Stormlord — 7 Comments

  1. I prefer the Australian cover. To me it gives better hints about the story inside. Having read the story I actually think the UK one is a bit deceptive.

  2. Joanna – have you sent me your address?

    Thanks, Satima – reckon that has as much chance of working as anything else…;)

  3. Glenda, I have, but will send it again to the email address on your website on the off chance you have mislaid it *grin*.

    Please don't send me the first copy you have, I can wait until you have a spare…I can only imagine how it must feel to get the first copy of the book you have written actually in your hot little hands!

    Glad you're home safe, sure the luggage will turn up eventually.

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