Photos from Charlottesville

Taken around the area where I was staying in my daughter’s house.
Above: her street

Above: her street again
Above: the very arthritic, ageing dog that had to be taken for two walks a day.

I love all the trees and quiet streets. Alas, I came home to find my beautiful raintree that grew in our front garden had been cut down for no reason that I can see. Ok, so it was growing across the wires, and did need lopping… It was a gift from a dear friend, who now lives elsewhere, so it was a double blow.


Photos from Charlottesville — 3 Comments

  1. That's very distressing about your raintree – I am surprised it is allowed for anyone to cut down a tree that way. As you said, lopping maybe, but not chopping down.

  2. Oh, lovely area, Glenda! A nice change from the tropics, I'd imagine.
    I used to live in West Virginia, in a tiny blink-and-you-miss-it place called Highview, over towards the border so closer to Winchester than C'ville.

    But yeah, commiserations about your tree:-(

  3. I will be in Winchester on the way dahn sahth next month, we stop there both going and returning. Don't know Highview but there are some real pretty places in that area. I want to go to Sky Meadow and look about, we should have time on this trip.

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