The travel curse strikes again…

Synopsis: many years ago 2 sons-in-law invented a new passive verb: “To be noramlyed”. The meaning: when you travel with any member of the Noramly family, something will go wrong with your plans. Now read on…


Daughter and husband have been noramlyed. Firstly, she and her husband sent their passports off to have a Chinese visa inserted…but only one passport came back. Much telephoning and pleading ensured.

Promise was extracted that passport would arrive on plane at local airport at 11 pm, the night before they were to leave at 7 am. Hmm.

Drive out to airport. One hour later, it was established that a) passport was not at airport and in fact no one had the faintest dea where it was, and b) the plane it was supposed to have come in on was not arriving – at all. Which might not have been such a huge problem, had it not been the same plane they were supposed to be taking out the next morning. Which might not have been such a huge problem, except that they were connecting to a flight, to China, in Atlanta and there was no other flight that would get them there in time to make the connection.

Midnight to 2am, they spend 2 hours on 2 telephones to:
a) find out where passport is
b) book new flights
c) persuade airline to add 2 days on to end of trip seeing as they were going to knock 2 off the beginning – yep, they couldn’t get them to China until 2 days later!

Of course, there are all kinds of knock on effects too…

Noramlyed, definitely.


The travel curse strikes again… — 6 Comments

  1. Now is that because you weren't noramlyed do you think? I do feel so sorry for them, what a mess up all round. I hope it gets properly sorted at the end. I am so glad I am not a member of your family.

  2. Eek! I hope it's not catching 'cos my daughter and her boyfriend have just boarded a plane to backpack around South America – and that's just the beginning of their travels.

  3. I said you should get divorced. Maybe you shouldn't travel with your kids either. Its probably too late for you to take such precautions, you will have been totally infected by now.

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