Yesterday was the 1st of July.
And I said I was going to start writing book 3 on July 1st, 1,500 words at least every day.
But – that’s me on the left, the squashed rabbit with a load of work on his back.

Instead of the new book, I have to continue to deal with a whole lot of niggly little things in the last one, mending a few holes, dealing with a character flaw (not mine, someone in the book), etc. None of it is major, but almost all of it is time-consuming nonetheless because everything after the smallest of alterations has to be checked to make sure it still makes sense.

I bless my editors who notice these niggly little things and help make the story better, but it has thrown my schedule out.

This week and next week are full of irritating stuff too – have been doing all the chores that I have been putting off – some for a year or more – dentist, mammogram, pap smear, haircut, shopping for essentials like new business cards, repairs around the house, dealing with workmen, and so on. And sometimes things you think will be routine turn out not to be.

So the book did not start being written yesterday.

And I am flying off to USA on Friday next week to babysit 5-year-old grandson.

I have decided I am too old to pull all-nighters. Come to think of it, I think I am too old to have deadlines. Are there really people who retire at 60? What do they do?

Pix from here: one of Henry Rountree’s Alice in Wonderland illustrations


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  1. Write blogs is the answer to that Glenda. Actually, I retired at 50 but still found plenty to do. Then went back to work part time in my 60's. Now I'm retired again.

    USA again, long way to go to baby sit. How long will you be there? Virginia I assume? We will be passing through in September but I am guessing you will be gone by then.

  2. Heh. Fiddle fiddle rewrite rewrite lose time on schedule? Welcome to my world! *g*

    You'll do it. You always do!

  3. Dunno that I can do it as fast as you, though Karen – in fact, with all your health ups and downs, I dunno how you do it all all.

    Yeah, Jo, I must get another camera.

  4. My dad plays on his tractor down at his farm. And then keeps the management in line in the apartments where he lives and points out all the errors in their construction and finishes.

    He was an architect.

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