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On the way between Newark Airport and Charlottesville, we stopped in Baltimore and went for a ride across the harbour and a walk…

Can’t say it had been high on my “must see” places, but it really was a lovely area to spend some time in. Baltimore on Chesapeake Bay has always been a working harbour.

The first photo is extraordinary – it’s a lighthouse which used to be standing on some rocks in the middle of the estuary – and it had a live in lighthousekeeper. One scary job in a storm, I would have thought. Now how can I use that in one of my books…hmmm….

Pix 2 has to be one of my favourite bookshop locations – on the waterfront, in a power house with Hard Rock Cafe to hand…

And here is one of the original ships of the American navy, the Constellation.
The rest are just interesting buildings. One of the nice things about the old town is the little decorative bits…


More photos – Baltimore — 3 Comments

  1. I hope you had some oysters whilst you were in the Chesapeake Bay area – oops wrong month, well crabcakes then. If you want a lighthouse story, there is one in North Carolina (Cape Hatteras)which they moved back 2900 ft from the sea which had been encroaching for years, it was quite an undertaking. See this Wikipedia entry if you're interested

  2. No oysters. Or crabcakes. But we did have some excellent food!

    I did know about Hatteras. This one in Baltimore they picked up on a crane and carried it like that, swinging over the barge, to the harbour. Looked really scary. But I reckon it was a scary lighthouse to stay in for a start. Imagine the waves crashing in under you in the bad weather…

  3. Having lived on a boat for a large portion of my life, the crashing waves wouldn't have worried me that much although I would hope not to be sailing in them.

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