My editor required some minor alterations to the MS before it goes to copy edit (this is
book 2, Stormlord Rising, that I am talking about). Trouble is, they necessitate re-reading and tweaking the whole MS. And believe me, after so many countless reads, your own book begins to pall. A lot.
Pix is of my grandson picking raspberries in New Jersey. The astute among you may realise that is not a raspberry bush. I am not the only one who gets bored when there is work to be done…
I’d rather climb a peach tree too.


Bored — 3 Comments

  1. Yeah, I hear you. I had the same thing to do on the SW ms. Not a huge biggie on the surface, but much fiddling ensued. And it surely does eat up the time! But you know what they say. If you end up with a better book … *g*

  2. One of these days I am going to count just how many times I read a book before it goes to the printer…50? I wouldn't be surprised.

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