I can write anywhere…

Even here.

This is where I have been for a couple of days. Had to go with husband who had a work related retreat.

Terrible hardship, y’know. I mean, who could possibly WORK in surroundings like these? And me with a deadline – which come hell or high water, I will meet – in another four days.

Awana Hotel and Golf Resort, Genting Highlands, i.e. in the cool mountain air…

Below: on the balcony of our room
Below: view from our room
Below: and the room the suite

Below: the art-deco shower recess…
Ah, life is so tough sometimes.


I can write anywhere… — 8 Comments

  1. What a horrible husband you have…forcing you to go somewhere like that. Especially when you have work to do, that’s cruel, that is!!!

  2. Ain’t that the truth Joanna, I feel so sorry for Glenda having to manage in such conditions. If I could I would type this in green.

  3. I know that you would prefer to write sitting on a log in a steaming jungle while balancing a laptop on your legs but sometimes sacrifices have to be made.

  4. Imagine me – you’ve got to be kidding. I kept on looking out at the scenery or sneaking out for a walk…

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