Shoe shopping in Yogyakarta — 6 Comments

  1. In the end, Jo, that was the only thing I bought.

    Webfaery if you could have seen the prices you would have done just that, I swear…

  2. I often watch the two female anchors on Good Morning America who wear the highest of stilletos and wonder how on earth they manage and yet I wouldn’t have been seen dead without my stilletos at one time. Even though I once ended up dragging a manhole cover down the street. LOL

  3. I seem to remember that Oprah once said the only place she wore one particular pair of shoes was walking between her dressing room and her show stage. They were simply too high.

    Weird what women will do in the name of beauty.

  4. While once upon a time I was a real shoe-a-holic these days I live almost entirely in either a pair of birkenstock sandals that I’ve had for years or my runners. I never did wear stilletos, though.

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