The Isles of Glory, books 1 & 2

I have just had some nice news: in Australia, both The Aware and Gilfeather have gone to yet another reprint. It is so great to have a publisher who believes in keeping their authors in print.

Thanks, Voyager!

The Aware was first published in 2003
and Gilfeather in 2004…


The Isles of Glory, books 1 & 2 — 9 Comments

  1. Congrats – well deserved!

    I actually borrowed these books from the library, and inhaled them over a night or so. I try to get my books from the library where possible, as if I didn’t, I probably couldn’t afford to pay my mortgage.

    Out of interest, do authors get any royalties from libraries? If you do, do the libraries give you royalties based on how many times the books are borrowed?

  2. Not a simple answer to this one, Shaanti. As an Australian, I do have Public Lending Rights from public libraries (and EPR from state run schools) in Australia, but not in any other country.

    They have a system of estimating how many times an author’s books have been borrowed, based – I think – on a average derived from looking at statistics of a selected number of libraries nationwide.

    (Bit like a gallup poll – where they telephone x000 people nationwide and then say such and such a percentage of Australians are going to vote Labour…etc.)

    You just have to hope that they get it more or less right!

    It is nice to get a few hundred dollars this way once a year. So go on borrowing my books, by all means. (And tell your friends to go out and buy them…:-))

  3. Bit the same for me. I borrowed Isles of Glory but I bought the Mirage Makers. I can’t afford to buy all the books I read being an OAP we don’t get a lot of moola any more. Sorry libraries in other countries don’t pay you anything, but they do buy quite a few copies of books so you get those royalties which is better than nothing I guess.

  4. I honestly don’t know Glenda. I will have to see what I can find out. I am presuming, from what you said, it is only for Australia’s own writers, not for furriners.

  5. I think UK has something for their writers…and I imagine Canada does too, but no country is going to do it for others – libraries would be bankrupt!

  6. My friend lent me the "Isles of Glory" trilogy and I just finished them. What a fantastic read!

    I have to say, though, that I dragged my feet starting them just based on the ridiculous cover art (cheesy half-art, half photo with a wimpy-looking woman who doesn't even begin to resemble Blaze). I assumed the books would be cheesy too. How wrong I was! Now, I'm going to buy the set for my own home library and I'm grateful to see that the reprints have MUCH better cover art. Thank you so much for writing such a great, satisfying story! I can't wait to read your other books…

  7. Thank you, Jama! (Yeah, the covers were awful…)

    Unfortunately the pix on this blog post are of the Australian editions, not a US reprint.

    In fact, if you are after the US editions, you will not find them easy to obtain as they are out of print. You can try Amazon though, and click on "these sellers". Some have new copies, which of course I prefer because I get my cut *g*!

    Or you can get the Australian editions with their nicer covers. Try or or
    or my favourite,

    As for my last trilogy, the Mirage Makers – that was not published in the USA due to an argument between my publishers. It is available in Australia and UK (try The next trilogy, (The Stormlord) is going to be published in US though, but the first book only comes out next February.

    Happy reading!

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