I am having trouble epressing myself

One of the keys on my keyboard won’t work.

So I can no longer talk about Meico, or eciting stuff, or rays.
Things are now dear, not epensive. enophobia is out of bounds anyway, and too bad about the non-Y chromosome and ero copy machines and ecellence. Can’t make an eception, or use an ae, or epect anything. Echange rates and ecuses are impossible, I can enter but never eit. Eclamations I can do !!!!! but eclusions are a problem. I won’t pay my taes, or send any faes, or do use any waes, but then I do like being la anyway. Everything is minimum rather than ma, and I’d love to have the power of deus e machina and fi and ni this quickly.

Too bad, I can’t send you a kiss, or have any luury either. This is ecruciating.

And what about se?


UPDATE on my Xs:
Thanx to Khaldan and an excellent little programme called Key Tweak, I can now be x-rated all I please…


I am having trouble epressing myself — 5 Comments

  1. Ecellent idea – tried it – doesn’t work. In fact I dismantled the key and reassembled…still doesn’t work. And there is no microsoft workshop here either – and it is my Microsoft ergonomic keyboard.

    I wonder if I can write a whole book without a multiplication sign?

  2. Nice to know there are some knowledgeable people out there. Sorry cleaning didn’t work. I guess an ergonomic keyboard is difficult to get hold of and epensive perhaps in your neck of the woods? How long have you had this keyeboard?

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